Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tuesday Morning...

It’s early before work. Normally I would be sleeping at this time had it not been for the disaster last night. As I tossed and turned trying to sleep, I tried to convince myself it didn’t happen. But when I approached the now emptied closet it was still so true. Evidence could be found by carefully surveying the scene of the crime. Tiny pieces of glass sparkled in the morning's light and the smell of stale libations was in the air. To make matters worse, when I walked closer I noticed the Nectar of the Gods oozing from the laminate flooring. It was an open and closed case of home brewing gone bad.

It was suggested when I started this hobby a couple of months ago to get a milk crate or carboy handle to help with transportation. A carboy is a large glass vessel used to hold beer while it’s fermenting in the brewing process. That orange handle pictured could have saved me had I not forgotten to pick one up. Everything happened so quickly. I remember asking Jen if it’s starting to look like a porter as I carried the full carboy to the closet for secondary fermentation. My hand slipped, less than a foot away from safely storing it in the closet, sending a sea of porter gushing. A five gallon sea to be exact.

This was my third attempt at extract brewing and, believe it or not, I've actually enjoyed success. I've encountered my first catastrophe. To sop those five gallons of black gold from the floor was a crime, especially considering how promising this batch was. Since I'm now on 'brewing probation' for a bit I decided to start a blog to document the trials and tribulations as a green home brewer. My goal is to eventually brew all grain batches. I want to take simple ingredients from scratch and create a variety of beer styles.


  1. LOL!! Welcome to the wonderful world of At Home with Mad Scientists!!! I too will cry for the spilt beer. Ask your Uncle about midnight explosion! Looking forward to more on your blog! and more importantly...some of your brew!

  2. LOL I'm sure he has some horror stories.