Tuesday, September 21, 2010

moe.'s friday set, tortoise, built to spill & the brew from moe.down

It's been a while, but I'm still churning out all the recordings from Labor Day weekend. The master list is updated with all the links and is available HERE. Below a a few of the newest additions.

What better night to catch moe. than Friday night of moe.down? Nothing compares to the anticipation of how things will play out over the six sets of the weekend. The first one is usually a good indication. moe. continued the theme of the summer with some great concentrated jams and explorations of new material. The encore had a great segue with rob leading the charge. As a matter of fact all the segues hold up well on tape. Top notch moe.

Earlier on in the day, Tortoise opened the main stage with a solid set. These guys were one act I was most eager to catch since I haven't seen them since Bonnaroo 2003. The set didn't disappoint, but was on the sort side. The band retired with thirty minutes left in their allotted slot. I thought the last half of the show was great, especially Dot Eyes and Salt the Skies.

Built to Spill was another act I was pumped to see. I've listened to these guys for quite some time and always thought they'd be pretty good live. We got everything from Nowhere Nothing Fuckup off Ultimate Alternative Wavers to Carry the Zero from Keep It Like A Secret through Conventional Wisdom on You In Reverse. Surprisingly nothing was played from their newest album. The Shure windscreens were no match for the wind and it's noticeable on this recording.

The latest recording I uploaded is The Brew's two sets right before moe.'s performance Sunday and during setbreak. Their sets rocked pretty hard and won the award for best covers of the weekend. They nailed No Quarter and absolutely destroyed Jukebox Hero. I don't think it's possible to perform Foreigner's classic rock anthem any better. It was a great couple sets to close the Buzz Stage in style.

Photos by Rob Clarke and Mike Salvo (last 2 shots of BTS and Brew)

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