Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turbine & Orgone - Saturday at the Buzz Stage

Two bands not as well known to the fan base of moe.down set up camp Saturday on the Buzz Stage. It was apparent after both Turbine and Orgone's performances totaling five sets that they came with something to prove. Turbine's second set saw some of the worst of the weather of the weekend, but it didn't stop them from ripping through a great set including diversity from song to song. I personally liked Blackout Song and War of 9161. I'll make the effort to see them next time they come through Philly.

Orgone was the true wildcard of the weekend. Who was this west coast band bestowed with three sets on the side stage? At one point during the second set they mentioned how this was the largest crowd they ever played to. How'd they do? You could tell from the reactions of everyone who stuck around that these guys (and gal) would be the most talked about band after moe.down. What a fun band! I feel the Orgone recording is one of my best of the weekend. Thanks to permission from the band and management I've been allowed to post the recording to etree. The setlist is incomplete so any help is greatly appreciated. Enjoy the funk and crank this shit up! I highly recommend listening from start to finish.

Download Turbine's Buzz Stage performance from the Live Music Archive

Download Orgone's Buzz Stage performance from or the mp3s from mediafire

Some pics for Orgone compliments of Rob Clarke:

For links to all moe.down XI recordings CLICK HERE

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