Sunday, July 10, 2011

PJ20: eighteen

06.01.06 - Continental Arena - East Rutherford, NJ

It was a nice early summer night in North Jersey for this one. My 10C tickets weren't that great, but I was able to upgrade to a floor seat. This was one of those shows that started off strong with a lot of the faster Avocado songs. The main set ended up being pretty standard for this tour with the exception of Alone. Due to guitar problems the song is pretty much aborted, which definitely had me bummed since it would have been my first.

But all was not lost! What really won me over was the first encore. It began with three slower numbers: Wasted Reprise, Man of the Hour and Come Back. This set the stage for the climatic ending of the set with a reverse Mamasan Trilogy. Mamasan is Pearl Jam's own mini rock opera. The trio of songs (Alive, Once, Footsteps) played in this order tells the story of a person who is wronged, does wrong, becomes a criminal, and ends up in jail. More info about these three songs, some of the earliest Pearl Jam history, can be found HERE. Typically, the band plays them in reverse order because I guess it makes sense to end a set with Alive instead of Footsteps. As great as it is to hear each song separately, it's even better to hear them together. This was the only time I've experienced the trilogy and one of the reasons this show is special.

Enjoy the mp3 download and some pics from this show!

Pearl Jam 06.01.06 mp3 Download

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