Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gov't Mule, Jackie Greene & Trombone Shorty at Penn's Landing 8-14-10

One week ago today Gov't Mule rolled into Philadelphia on a picture perfect weekend. It's hard to believe I haven't seen them since 2005. I couldn't wait to rock out to some Mule. The work week was long enough and after checking out a few of their recent shows from Europe on etree I was ready. As an added bonus both Jackie Greene and Trombone Shorty opened.

The Great Plaza is probably the most annoying place to grab a ticket day-of-show and caused me to miss the beginning of Trombone Shorty's set. Luckily another taper Jim (aka Dr. FOB) was there to record the entire set. I'll post my incomplete recording until the full set is available . I'm missing the first twenty minutes, but started rolling right when the set was getting good. Troy Andrews aka "Trombone Shorty" was exchanging solos with a passing boat's horn when I finally got setup. Pretty entertaining stuff lol...

Trombone Shorty with mics in "The Sweet Spot".

The place filled up nicely by the time Jackie began his set. I've seen him once in 2008 at the World Cafe Live and he didn't disappoint. His set started off slowly with some more mellow tunes like "I Don't Live In A Dream." True to form, Jackie treated us to a pair of Dead Tunes: New Boogie Speedway and Scarlet Begonias. Overall, I thought it was a well played set.

Download or Stream Jackie Greene at Penn's Landing from the Live Music Archive

As the sun was beginning to set, you could hear the cheers from stage left as Warren and crew made their way to the stage. One unique feature to the Great Plaza is the always animated backdrop. Boats, fireworks and other sources of entertainment seem to find their way to the stage. This night was no different as the boat pictured buzzed by during the Birdland teases in Gameface. The first set had it's moments with my highlights being Thorazine Shuffle and the end of the set featuring Trombone Shorty. The Other One jam was highlighted with Warren singing the lyrics to the Stones' Gimmie Shelter at the end. Trombone Shorty also accompanied the band for 32/20 Blues and Soulshine.

The second set brought more teases, jams and covers with the spotlight being Led Zeppelin. After a nasty Trane > Eternity's Breath > St. Stephen Jam, Mule jumped into Zeppelin's Trampled Underfoot. This capped off my favorite segement of the show. The band wasn't done with their oade to Led Zeppelin and preceded to play D'yer Mak'er and Moby Dick during the set. Mule is more than capable of handling the covers as Haynes, Abts, Louis and Carlsson tore through them almost effortlessly. A trio of hard hitting tunes ended the set: Any Open Window, Mr. Man and Broke Down on The Brazos. For the encore, Mule welcomed Jackie Greene back up to join them for a pair of Beatles tunes to end the cover fest and finished the night with a pair of jovial singalongs.

Not too much too complain about... except the ticket fiasco. The combo of these three acts was a great way to spend the summer's night by the river. The recordings will speak for themselves. "The Sweet Spot" at the Great Plaza always delivers those fatty low-end FOB tapes. Hopefully I can make it there for My Morning Jacket next weekend. Enjoy the recordings!

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  1. Thanks TJ! Maybe I'll see you down there for MMJ next weekend!