Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brewer's Best Robust Porter Take 2 - Bottling Day

It's been exactly three weeks since I brewed this Robust Porter. I carefully monitored the hydrometer and noticed the last few samples hovering between 1.011 and 1.010. I was hoping to get it down to 1.008, but at this point I'm ready to bottle. Three weeks has been long enough! Here's some progress pics:

Sanitizing the last of the bottles. I made sure to clean the dishwasher drawers and spray them with sanitizer prior to loading in the bottles for drying.

While the bottles are drying I prepare the priming sugar by adding it to 2 cups of boiling water.

One last hydrometer reading.

Mixing the Priming sugar with the Porter being siphoned from the secondary carboy to the bottling bucket.

Let's get to bottling....only 46 more to go.

Getting there...

...slowly but surely....

Complete! I was able to get 47 bottles out of this batch. The bottling was easy compared to what's next: The waiting game. See you in 10 days for the official tasting after the beer has had a chance to bottle condition.

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  1. This will teach me not to check my blogs daily!! ok...so 9 days from now....tasting!!!! :-)