Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Tasty Tunes

I've been fortunate enough to catch a bunch of live performances over the past few weeks. Before the recap I wanted to provide a little direction on how to download these recordings. Sometimes I forget not everyone is familiar with the distribution methods. Hopefully this will answer some of your questions. I share recordings by providing links where you can find them. Typically I'll do this in three ways pending permission:
  1. For download or streaming on the Live Music Archive. This site is great because not only can you download shows as either mp3s or flacs, but you can stream them from your computer or mobile phone without having to download. Check out the FAQ for more info or my bookmarks for everything I've uploaded.

  2. For download as a torrent. If you don't know how to download a torrent, then you should! This is a pretty concise FAQ for what a torrent actually is and how you download one. I suggest using uTorrent as a client. It's extremely easy and has everything you'll need.

  3. For download as a zip file using mediafire. I'll try to provide an additional link to the mp3 files since the torrents I share are usually in flac format. This is the quickest and easiest way to download the recordings I share. Just download, unzip and drop the files into iTunes.
If you have any more questions, just let me know. Another great program I highly suggest is Trader's Little Helper. This is an awesome, free program good for just about everything flac/wav/mp3 related. Although it's probably obvious, it's worth mentioning: ALL RECORDINGS ARE OFFERED FOR FREE. NEVER BUY OR SELL. And with that, allow me to offer you some tasty tunes:

Widespread Panic at the Tower Theater 07-20-10
I was on the fence about this show until I was able to score great seats about ten rows from the stage dead center the day before. The show was decent and comparable to Panic's last visit to the tower in 2007. I was definitely pumped to hear Chilly Water and Tall Boy in the first set and the second set really kept everyone moving. Good to see some of Team Texas made their way up north to tape the show. Six sets of mics DFC/FOB was the way to roll because this recording sizzles. Thanks to Craig T for the pics:

Erik Deutsch at the World Cafe Live (Upstairs) 07-23-10
Erik is a jazz composer and pianist from Brooklyn that has worked with many musicians. I was familiar with him performing alongside guitarist Charlie Hunter. After listening to some tracks from Hush Money, his newest release, I decided to make the trip. It was well worth the effort for the early evening performance. Erik and his band consisting of Ben Rubin on bass, Marc Dalio on drums and Brandon Seabrook on banjo and guitar treated us to an hour set. I can best describe the set as an innovative mix of both compositional and improvisational jazz, although it doesn't do the performance justice. Erik was kind enough to allow me to offer it for download. Enjoy!

Hot Buttered Rum at the World Cafe Live (Upstairs) 08-03-10

How 'bout some more bluegrass?!?! I've been on a serious bluegrass kick recently and this show scratched that itch. This was the first time I've seen HBR and was seriously impressed how many fans they drew on a Tuesday. This is not meant as a knock to the band, in fact it's a compliment. You could tell this SanFran band has built a strong following out east. I really enjoyed this two setter especially Crazy Glue, Amanda Lynn and Beneath the Blossoms with guests.

Download or stream Hot Buttered Rum at the Live Music Archive

Umphrey's McGee at Penn's Peak 08-06-10

There's a little town in by the Poconos. It's named after the football player Jim Thorpe and has a road that feels like it leads to nowhere. Follow it for a couple miles and you'll come to one of the coolest venues on the east coast. Penn's Peak offers stunning views and an immaculate venue. It's worth the trip on a Friday in the heart of summer for the venue alone. Luckily we got a great show to go with the beautiful day. Overall I enjoyed the second set much more because it really gave the band some room to stretch out. Definitely check out the "mash-up" cover of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song and White Zombie's Thunder Kiss 65. Here's some shot's of Waful's scenery (thanks to Tyler for some of the images):

Download or stream UM at the Live Music Archive

That's it for now... the good news is the hydrometer read 0.011 tonight, so we'll be bottling soon!

R.I.P. Jerry

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